Professor of Educational Foundations, Teacher Education, and Indigenous Educational History. 

Book signing at Bookworks Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Re-Imagining Indigenous Identities: Coyotes, Genízaros,

Hybridity, and Slavery in the Southwest

Saturday, October 13, 2018    ​3-4pm. 

Postcolonial Indigenous Performances, Coyote Musings on Genizaros, Hybridity, Education, and Slavery receives 2018 Outstanding Book Award from the Society of Professors of Education. Since 1902, the Society has provided a forum for addressing the issues facing the discipline and vocation of education. As you know, it is a particularly challenging time for the field, which has become bitterly contested territory on a national and international level. The awards ceremony was held at the Annual Meeting of the SPE, at the annual AERA convention in New York City.

Bernardo Gallegos receives 2018 Outstanding Book Award for Postcolonial Indigenous Performance, Coyote Musings on Genizaros, Hybridity, Education, and Slavery.